Project FLYING PEOPLE CLAN - vernissage

Gabriel Kurtis, the director of Gallery of Architecture in Brno opened up on Thursday, September 10th exhibition KLAN LÉTAJÍCH LIDÍ 2015 (FLYING PEOPLE CLAN).

The opening began with reciting by the author of this project, writer Sylva Lauerová, along with a member of the National Theater in Brno Petr Blaha. And subsequently she declassified the project idea to exhibition visitors.

Once again she proved that she knows how to arouse emotions and to present an artistic experiment so that it will not be forgotten. Nor invitation itself (invitation to listen to the photo) was not enough to suggest an experimental focus of the exhibition, so guests entering the gallery space were not able to hide their surprise when instead of walls full of photos waiting for them appeared white walls and a big black box in the middle of the room.

Through this report we bring a few moments of exhibition opening and we welcome you to an unusual presentation of the ballet, which is available until 24 September 2015.
Emotions. Photographs. Poetry. Minimalist music. Come and be surprised! :)

Photos by: Tomáš Picka, Petra Matovská

  • Invitation card #1
  • Invitation card #2
  • Project FLYING PEOPLE CLAN - vernissage
  • Project FLYING PEOPLE CLAN - vernissage
  • Project FLYING PEOPLE CLAN - vernissage
  • Project FLYING PEOPLE CLAN - vernissage
  • Sylva Lauerová a Klan létajících lidí
  • Flying photographer Tino Kratochvil :)
  • Project FLYING PEOPLE CLAN. Fome left: Jaroslav Kobylinský (music), Barbora Kozáková (management of publishing house van Aspen), Tomáš Picka (photography), Gabriel Kurtis (director of Galery of Architecture Brno), Sylva Lauerová (author of project, poet) a Dan Marek (voice master).
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