Experimental poetry. Lets find authors who fills upcoming almanac!

Thank to major financial support by poet Sylva Lauerová, van Aspen, a publishing house has decided to publish a collection of contemporary Czech and Slovak experimental poetry . What are rules to join this project, what is requested from candidates and especially what do we offer, please read the press release . Experimental poetry is presented mainly by poems such as dadaist, nongramatic, possibly typograms and onomatopoeic poems . For those who are interested in exhaustive explanation of label " experimental" we recommend thesis by Petr Kuběnský Přínosy postupů experimentální poezie ( FF MU 2010) . Any individual questions can be send to the contacts mentioned in the press release . Thank you for your cooperation.

During the year 2015, the book market will be enriched by eccentric poetic novelty. Publishing house van Aspen, thank to significant financial support of czech poet and writer Sylva Lauerová, will release an Almanac of contemporary Czech and Slovak experimental poetry.

"There is a lack of patrons in Czech culture. I miss willingness to use private funds to support projects that do not promise any profit. Poetry is not a commercial commodity, despite or perhaps because of it -it is necessary to pay attention to such support, "says project Sylva Lauerová.

It was only a matter of time before artist known as the Czech literature chameleon will come with another unpredictable idea. After the support of female love poetry she decided to use funds she had obtained from sales of her blockbuster novels, this time to support experimental poems.

Let this option be the one for you or help us to find suitable authors!

Deadline for submitting presentations is on August, 31st, 2014. Each individual presentation should contain at least three poemsand personal data at least in the range of :age, residence location, a field in which the author is working or studying in, info about previous of author´s writings publishing and where was it, possibly any previous experience of this kind. You will be then individually contacted and informed about the next steps. We do not provide reward, we provide space for your poetry and its subsequent massive marketing support and promotion within the almanac of contemporary Czech and Slovak experimental poetry.

If you are interested, send us your writings here: nakladatelstvi@vanaspen.com

In the name of van Aspen, s. r. o., the publishing house

Mgr. Jitka Kratochvílová

  • Experimental poetry. Lets find authors who fills upcoming almanac!
  • Experimental poetry. Lets find authors who fills upcoming almanac!
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