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Due to her workload regarding the writing of a new book, Sylva has had to STOP READING RUNES for you temporarily. For this we apologize and ask for your understanding…

Runes have talked to me for many years. Of all the divinatory systems, runes talk to me in the most intelligible way. They give factual answers to my questions and describe the matter of the problem. I address them when I need an explanation for what is not obvious, when something I don’t clearly understand is going on, or when I need to know what I should or may expect.

So far I have read runes only for my friends or people who have asked me for help and advice. Those of you who have read The Toy know that I have worked with such systems for a long time.

How to ask a question:

  1. Use the contact form to send me a message and don’t forget to fill in your e-mail address. I will get back to you and we will settle a time when you will focus on your question. At that time I will lay one single rune, and then I will interpret its meaning for you. You will receive the interpretation via e-mail.
  2. Neither describe your problem nor ask more questions - the less I know, the better. However, it is meaningful and even advisable to mention the field of your question (e.g. love, business, occupation, health, realizing a project, etc.). The interpretation will then be more intelligible for you.
  3. Please do not ask me any further questions. The divination might be confused and the original answer obscured.

Runes will give you uncompromising answers. It is completely up to you what you take into consideration and what you identify with.

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