The Queens of blackberries and tears

Sylva Lauerova (ed.): The Queens of Blackberries and Tears

"44 women poets, 421 poems, 1 love"

/ A Collection of Czech Contemporary Female Love Poetry

How did it happen… :-)

“The idea of creating a collection of purely female love poetry crossed my mind in the summer of 2009. In fact, the impulse was a personal conversation with a representative of one of the most powerful book distribution companies in the Czech Republic. This man leaned over to me during my book launch, and, honestly amused, said to me: “…you, Ms. Lauerova, with your Michael [Michael2007, a collection of poetry; publisher’s note] … you and your poetry… you have really amused me. Poetry doesn’t sell well nowadays. Nobody reads it.”

How about you? Do you too think that nobody reads poetry? Of course, many of us know that the situation is not so bad. We must, however, admit that in our splendid contemporary society, volumes of poetry do not feature among the top-selling items. Yet I don’t think this state of affairs does poetry any harm; indeed, it is thus given a certain stamp of exceptionality, purity and incorruptibility. It is always present, unaffected by anything and anybody, independent, pure and incorruptible. And so often it is about love. And therefore it deserves to be supported.

The idea was transformed into a firm decision, and at the end of 2009 we started the everyday gruelling marathon of collecting and organizing. After all, we live in the modern age and have no time to waste. :-) From the moment the decision was made, it took only 6 months until the first ‘fat, golden baby’ (this is how we refer to our anthology) was printed. I dare to suggest we are record holders. :-)

Today the book is a living thing, and I hope you will enjoy reading it. However, please don’t expect a spectacular work with plenty of graphics, a 30-page introduction and comprehensive explanatory notes on the first, second or even sixteenth meaning hidden in the poetry of each of the women authors. Neither will we bother you with in-depth profiles of the poets that describe their lives and the lives of their grandfathers, uncles and grandmothers. And we won’t burden you with a list of prizes for their work. Because what really matters is the poetry, isn’t it? And as for poetry, there’s enough of it to spare in “The Queens”! Under the motto

44 women poets 421 poems 1 love

you can expect so much tenderness, joy and sorrow that every public park will be jealous when you take this thick but light poetic baby with you on a date. And don’t fail to notice that the book feels warm while you’re holding it in your hands. That is because it’s full of love - the love and desire of women from 18 to 70 years of age. And also full of the love of all of us who were involved in bringing it to life.

And, finally, I have prepared two tiny surprises for you. Each page is perforated at the spine of the book. I remember well those enthusiastic lovers of poetry :-) who would tear off their favourite poem so that they could carry it with them at all times. But still… they would feel a twinge of conscience. You don’t have to with “The Queens” - tear off pages as you wish, we’re ready for it.

I won’t tell you the second surprise. You’ll find it on page 553! :-) I wish you lots of success, lots of courage, lots of love and a great deal of poetry!”

Yours, Sylva Lauerova

The Czech original of the collection of Czech contemporary female love poetry The Queens of Blackberries and Tears is available in all major bookstores in the Czech Republic, including NeoLUXOR, Kanzelsberger and Knihy Dobrovsky, and also in all major on-line bookstores, e.g.
You can also order it on-line on the website of the publisher:

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