A New Collection of Verse "Ovace nevlídnosti"

A new collection of poems written between 2010 - 2012. The poet and writer Sylva Lauerová stubbornly maintains her extreme creative polarity, and following the commercially-successful novel Jumaroro (published summer 2011), she again retreats into her shell of poetic intimacy in the collection A Harsh Ovation. The second anthology by this controversial author from the Czech literary scene, who was born in Brno but spends half of her time abroad, is a selection of her own poems from 2010 to 2012.

A Harsh Ovation

The paradoxical nature of the title itself suggests the direction and content of the verses, which include painful and depressive themes. In her poems, Lauerová deliberately ignores superficial earthly subjects; the focus of her poetry is the human soul and, as in the first collection of poems Michael2007, there are deep spiritual overtones.

A Harsh Ovation – just a randomjuxtapositionof two unconnectedterms?

In her new collection of poems, is this controversial Czech writer and poet merely paying tribute to harshness, austerity and bitterness? And so publicly and enthusiastically? Or is she again being provocative and drawing readers into her grim and painful imagery only for them to find a moment of beauty in the simplest things, such as the flight of birds?

Or is this harshness itself honouring us? For our mistakes and aimlessness wandering? Is it possible to celebrate such grim and gloomy conditions …and not only those of our minds?
Perhaps yes; as a forewarning of that which may engulf us - if we allow it.

This beautiful one-hundred-and-twenty-page publication will delight the heart and eye of not only poetry lovers but also art admirers. The author’s latest collection of poetry is aptly complemented by full-colour illustrations by Monica Sedlářová, a talented young artist Czech artist currently living in England, who impressively expresses the emotions induced by the poems using an array of artistic media including watercolours, oil paints, sketches and photographs. This edition is limited to 1000 copies and each one has been personally signed by the author.

A Harsh Ovation was officially released in May 2012 with a reading by the author at the Svět Knihy international book fair in Prague.

  • A  New Collection of Poems written between 2010 - 2012, Ovace nevlídnosti
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