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Sylva Lauerova: The Toy

Readers' Feedback.

…I have read parts of your book, The Toy, and, well, it’s really something. It’s a totally honest, open, thrilling and gorgeous narrative from the woman’s point of view; and - at least for me - absolutely fascinating.


It’s already a long time ago I’ve read your book The Toy for the first time. Since then, I’m reading it regularly from time to time. There’s something about it - I have no idea what - but it’s still attracting me. Maybe, it’s because I’m smiling while reading, or because it makes me feel optimistic and full of lust for doing something. And because it makes me feel - how to say it - like everything is just cool.

Thanks to all this and many other things, you are just one of my favourite women writers and women in general. I like your attitude and view on the world. And although I don’t know much about it, I somehow like also your way of life. This is exactly my dream - travelling, maybe moving abroad, knowing that the world is not only the Czech Republic but it reaches far beyond the borders of Germany, to Seychelles Islands (and actually even farther). And, knowing what to do and where do I belong.

[…] Praise and positive feedback on your books can be seen everywhere. But still, I think and hope that you are just an ordinary person who is pleased with compliments by a young girl from Prague.
I wish you all the best and especially success :)

(Natalie Urbanova, 17-year-old woman, single)

[…] I’ve read The Toy and I must say that I have never read such an amazing, exciting and inspiring book. Great!
I wish you good luck and fulfilment of all of your dreams.

(Alena Kralova, 27-year-old woman, single)

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