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Sylva Lauerova (Ed.): The Queens of Blackberries and Tears

Readers' Feedback.

Good morning, Mrs. Lauerova. I would like to express my thanks and admiration for the work you have done with the “Queens”. It is quite difficult to obtain the book in other ways than ordering it online… I gave “Queens” to all of my friends so this is also to convey thanks from all of them. Your book gives us optimism and belief in poetry, especially love poetry. I personally write poetry as well and every time somebody competent suggested me to publish my poetry, I laughed and said that this is something read only by few people today. You have proved the opposite.

(Petra Vavrova, 38-year-old woman, married)

I’ve enjoyed it. Mrs. Moosova came in with poetry, Mrs. Marsalova with emotivity and Mrs. Lauerova with energy - it was well-balanced. Mrs. Lauerova looks like the Roxette singer Marie Frederiksson, I would attend another reading any time. Petr

(a SMS message sent shortly after the event to the organizer of the reading of poetry in the Ninive teahouse in Krnov)

Thank you for the carefully chosen collection of poems by both non- and professional Czech poetesses, who have put their innermost emotions into words.
There is really a vast selection to choose from - there are tenths of poems about love, hatred and grief, as well as lethargy. Poems represent various emotion stages in lives of the authoresses, they represent windows that gradually open and close, thus revealing the deepest emotions. It’s a fair of human hope and passions which all of us live but only few are given a gift of expressing them in verse.
And although each poem is different, telling a different story of a certain woman, we may find ourselves in many of them.

(anonymous; 60-year-old woman, single)

I would love to thank you a lot because I have never enjoyed reading poetry - but since the book launch event for the “Queens” took place, I’m doing nothing but reading these wonderful poems… really thanks :-p and I’m writing this honestly, as a 19-year-old boy spoiled by the modern age

(Martin Divis, 19-year-old man, single)

Dear Sylva, I want to thank you for this amazing book of poetry, which I happen to own thanks to my friend even before the official book launch event. I have made good time reading this book - collection of female love poetry - during the weekend, and I am sure I will enjoy reading also in the future.
I like your website and your life courage. I wish you good luck and thank you - for both myself and the poetesses - for publishing female poetry.

(Vera Safrankova, 58-year-old mother of 2, grandmother of 2)

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