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Sylva Lauerova: Michael2007

Readers' Feedback.

Dear Sylva,

Your book Michael2007 found its way to me in the middle of November and at the end of the month I have already read it for the 5th time. At first, I was curious - after reading The Toy, I haven’t expected something that “has to do with angels and their work here on the Earth” :)

The first part - the user manual for the Large Winged Beings - really amused me. I found funny the “technical” way of expressing the “theory”. It looks like “Psychology for angels” :D Maybe that’s why I enjoyed reading it :))) But I have to say - YES, this is how it really works.

The second part - poetry - I had to employ my brain quite a lot until I found out who was who and who was saying which part of text… Hints in the form of regular and bold fonts are useful - I assume I wasn’t the only one who had to read the whole book several times in order to fully understand everything :) Anyway, after reading the last page, I felt really enthusiastic.

To conclude - in a subjective way :) After a long time, I’ve read a book which really inspired me. The poems are readable but incredible in their meaning. There might be people who will have to leave Michael for some time and then start reading again from the first chapter, so that the “angelic philosophy” can be absorbed. But still, between the two worlds blending together within the text, everybody will find something interesting for themselves.
I have to avow, I haven’t fully understood the book until I’ve read it for the 6th time. But at that moment, my view on many situations and events in my life changed. Simply… before Michael and after Michael :)

(anonymous; 24-year-old woman, single)

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