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Readers' Feedback.

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I like books by Sylva Lauerová. I have read them all and like going back to them again. Therefore, I was looking for the new collection of poems Harsh Ovation, although I do not seek poetry. But the author gave me assurance that it will be a good catch, as I´ve been convinced before when I got her first book of poems Michael2007. While reading the first verse, it was clear to me that the book will left on the table after finishing them all. Content can be summed up in one word: chilling. The whole book is imbued with the transience of everything that gives us confidence, of what we are surrounded by what we believe in. It's about love, death, anger and fear. It is about crisis in all its forms, whether it's a crisis in personal relationships, midlife crisis or a world society crisis. Therefore, all the poems seem depressing, although actually express only what each of us can experience firsthand. What can happen to anyone. I have no doubt that, on a second thought, a part of each of us can find in some poem. Therefore while reading, you can feel chills. Things are called by their real names. And there is no happy end.

(Milena Micurova, Brno)

I have never been so close with poetry as when I had the file - still just collection of leaves at that time. I've read all the poems in just two days so many times that I could recite them by heart. Literally, I was mesmerized by them because of a whole new understanding of the essence of something divine. Each poem makes you think about its true meaning. The author does not come with a clear and definitive statement, merely indicates that allows reader to create his own concept. The truth is that the first impression of this collection of poems made me feel lucky, maybe even gloat over the simplicity and predictability of mankind. But I knew that as soon as I´ll read it again, I'll cry and hate these verses, but would not be able to tear away from them. It is impossible! Indeed, as from any other book written by Sylva Lauerová. Poem collection Harsh Ovation scared me, destroyed me, pleased me and helped me. It is written in a lovely way, is the hated darling, which you cannot let go of your hands. It won´t give you a chance to break away from it, you will know, that it connects to you as well.

(woman, single, 23 let, no child)

As one of the few chose I was able to read the collection of poems written by Sylva Lauerová before it saw the light in its beautiful form. I admit that a few years back was poetry for me associated with a compulsory reading, I've never been into it. I knew about it but I just didn´t care :). It did not come to me … until I got into my hands first poetry collection by Sylva - Michael2007. The content of it was like a hit from the sky, which came at the right moment and I started to like poetry. I realized there that you can find a piece of yourself in every poem. When Sylva asked me to write a few words about Harsh Ovation – I´ve replied with my favorite phrase, "Sure, no problem." But when I finished reading and wanted to start writing, I´ve realized that all of a sudden I do not know how or what to say - believe me, this do not happen to me often. I wondered how to express feelings induced by the collection, how to describe what I am experiencing, which I have associated with someone or something, how to describe thoughts of someone or something related to disappointment, unfullfilled desire, vanity of unfulfilled wishes? I thought about, where I am at the moment, how do I feel, what is on my mind right after I finished reading of Ovation and suddenly it was so simple – for the description fits the best what is in it!

…in the train to Prague, I could be labeled as a frustrated mime longing for happiness in our own brain determined world or perhaps better still the queen of helplessness when I'm still waiting and keep asking “” Where is the angel of mercy”? Where is the one, who brushes off my doubts with his wing? I feel like in perpetual motion , for which pain is a constant condition . I do not want more of your sea of poison… in hope I am tipping place in my heart where was left a trace after you. I can see in my head how I go through the trees to meet you … back home … where , quite simply-humanly you creates vanilla- cinnamon intimate mood , where we will keep our late monologues and I in your arms and desire discover again myself and I am afraid again that tomorrow there will be nothing to say.

Some thing are so simple…

I like your verses, I like you!

(Jitka, 32)

Harsh Ovation as a message about the author, right here - right now, that is autobiographical echo, hints of life balancing, but with the hope of further new “something yet to come. There is a reflection of a real life stories, events in those verses. Short stories. Wistful thoughts. Paintful sigh. Dynamic growth increases the urgency of those verses.

(Mgr. Eva Hánová, Brno)

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